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Serving Congregations with a History of Clergy Misconduct             Offered 3- 4 times a year

The harm clergy misconduct causes congregations pervades the whole culture of a congregation and persists for decades. We will seek to understand the nature of misconduct and how it harms individuals, congregations, and relationships with subsequent ministers. We will outline the essential tasks of the afterpastor, consider what perspectives and strategies best serve those tasks and clergy wellness, and identify ways to address misconduct’s harm and move a congregation in the direction of health.   More more info  To register contact Alicia Forde at

Conversations on Truth And Consequence in the Spirit of Elizabeth Peabody and Margaret Fuller. Next Conversation is 

Monday February 27, 2017  2:30-4:00 pm ET.

Topic:  Circles of Support and Outrage 

Many have asked why a circle of women clergy, mostly younger, formed around the essayist in June 2016. Our guests for this conversation, the Revs. Ashley Horan and Darcy Baxter, will share their experience of the circle and the essay and their thoughts on clergy misconduct as an example of the broader culture of paternalism and patriarchy that demands from us a sound power analysis.

These Conversations gathered by The Rev Dr Deborah Pope-Lance & The Rev Gail Seavey beginning in September 2016. Join us Online live-streaming at my Facebook page or in person at the First Parish in Wayland, Massachusetts. Each of these colleagues delivered an essay at the Ministerial Conference of Berry Street, the longest standing lecture series in North America, founded in 1820 by The Rev William Ellery Channing and held annually at meetings of the Unitarian Universalist Ministers’ Association.   Each essay continues to provoke from colleagues and leaders in the Unitarian Universalist community, congratulations, controversy, crisis as well as greater commitment to integrity and accountability in ministry. Join in the ongoing CONVERSATIONS. These Conversations are also live streamed on Facebook.

We Are The Tools Of Our Trade  (tba)

 Three Master Classes on the Ministerial Relationship.  An opportunity to refresh your confidence and renew your call, these Master Classes are designed for experienced ministers who wish to explore ways to improve their expertise in the essential tools of our trade,—how we relate to and interact with those we serve—and to become more skillful and less stressed in how they approach ministerial relationships. Each master class reflects on our practice, seeks to enlarge our repertoire of skill, and encourages a strategic approach to ministerial relationships. Come to one or all three. (Previously held in November 2015-February 2016 in Sacramento, Palo Alto, and Hayward, CA).For More Info