As a minister, therapist, teacher, trainer, and clergy colleague, I bring a mix of approaches and models to consultations. The goal is always the same: to help you, your team, your congregation, to be as effective as possible given your opportunities, limitations and resources Our work together aims to help you do your best work, whatever your current challenge or hoped for outcome.

For Individual Clergy

Ministry can be a lonely business. How best to address its varied demands is not always clear.  I seek to provide individual clergy with confidential, strategic support that helps them make their best choices amid whatever challenges present themselves and allows them to serve and survive well.  I will invite you to reflect on your personal and ministerial relationships, to seek ways to be deliberate and strategic.  We may explore the intersection of a your own history and growing edges with your ministry setting’s past, current struggles, culture and people, and discern together directions whose outcomes are more likely to go well than not.

For Lay and Clergy Leadership Teams

Multi-staff and leadership teams serving in the same ministry setting must navigate together a complicated field of relationships.  Managing this task well, both individually and together, is challenging, given different roles, responsibilities, perspectives and skills. Whether motivated to resolve a situation or make a tough decision, team consultations support clear intentions, good process, and a best outcome for the team and its shared ministry.

For Faith Traditions, Denominations, Organizations, and Agencies

Organizations are often served by the insights or interventions of someone from outside the organization; someone experienced in ministry, clinically trained, and knowledgeable about the ethical challenges of ministerial practice and congregational life; someone whose only agenda is to help organization leaders make their best decisions, with intention and integrity, given who they are, have been, and want to be at their best. Whether you want a meeting facilitated, a difficult matter debriefed, a conflict mediated, or a current practice reviewed, an organizational consultation will work to accomplish your goals.

CONSULTATION  Information on arrangements, and terms for individuals. Organizational arrangements and terms available on request.